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   Ready to 7X your Business? 

Watch this video to Discover How You Can MULTIPLY YOUR Network Marketing Business in just One Week:

Watch this video to Discover How You Can MULTIPLY YOUR Network Marketing Business in just One Week:



During 7 short and simple Video Modules, we work together with you to increase team growth, sales results, and even rank advance. 

 ✅ 7 interactive action taking modules to kick start your business . 

 ✅ Proven strategies on how to make this season the most lucrative season in your network marketing career. 

 ✅ For the price of A COFFEE A DAY, you'll get clear, actionable steps and guidance to achieve your goal.

Learn how to multiply your business in JUST SEVEN DAYS, without prior experience or a huge time commitment.

If you are looking to jumpstart your business, accelerate the speed you are currently building at, or quickly reboot out of a plateau, the 7x challenge is for you.

Whether you feel like your business could be going better or overwhelmed with no idea where to start, we take you through a simple step-by-step, "let's do it together" programme that teaches you how to increase sales.

To achieve success in Network Marketing, you need to master vital skills and develop a winning mindset.

The challenge most reps face is that they don't have the right mentor, support system, or detailed plan to help them develop the attitude and skills needed to get the results. Another reason reps don't get results is because they lack consistency and don't have the how-tos.

The majority of reps work their business part-time and often get overwhelmed with the perception of how much they think they need to learn... thus becoming a statistic of the industry through quitting or "failing."

If you feel that this resonates with you, don't worry! You are not alone. We've all had these frustrations.

This is why Freedom Creators developed this 7-day bulletproof system where you are mentored step by step to:

✅  Debug the myths in the network marketing industry

✅  Identify Limiting beliefs that may hinder your success 

✅  Create NEW empowering beliefs

✅  Develop the Winning Mindset 

✅  Learn the 6 Skills of Duplication 

✅  Create an Action plan 

Join a system designed to multiply your business where we hold your hand and are there for you every step of the way.

The 7x challenge is the same immersive focus and action we have used to launch every new market and start every new team. It's a tried and tested method that gives us the results every time. It's enabled us to build teams of hundreds of thousands of reps in over 50 countries worldwide over the previous decade.

Get access to your very own action plan, the same one that lead us to generate a billion-dollar sales force.

Get back to basics and take all out massive action with us as a team.
Become part of the 7x community NOW!

You instantly get direct access to us via video training and daily emails!

This is your chance to work directly with two top income earners in the industry. They are your VIRTUAL MENTORS for one week from the comfort of your own home.

Join us now!

Who are Freedom Creators?

Efrosyni Adamides and Melanie Aristidou are currently in the industry and have been collectively building for almost 2 decades!
They help both brand new network marketers and reps who have been around awhile overcome frustrations, so they thrive in their businesses. 
They provide a range of courses that will take you from beginning in Network Marketing to earning 6 and 7 figures if followed meticulously.

Additionally, they provide one on one coaching time for different levels in the industry.

They've trained 100s of 1000s of network marketers like you, on 4 different continents and built teams together in numerous countries.

They've grown their business to well over 400,000 people, helped 32 reps earn their first million in Network Marketing, and helped thousands of people upgrade the quality of their life fast, allowing them to have a better lifestyle.

The 7X CHALLENGE crafts your mindset, gives you easy-to-follow daily action steps and provides hands-on mentors. 


 100 % Money-Back Guarantee

 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our training course that if for whatever reason, once completing the course (during the first week of purchase), you feel you haven't learned one thing that could change the direction of your business positively, drop us an email and we will refund you every cent.

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 Secure Processing

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