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   Are you ready to 7X your Business? 

Watch This Video To See How You can multiply your business in just a week:

 Are you ready to 7X your Business? 
Watch This Video To See How You can multiply your business in just a week:

Do you accept the "7X Challenge"?

Do you accept the "7X Challenge"?

During 7 Video Modules, we will be working towards multiplying your team, your results and your success by up to 7 times (or more). 

 ✅ Efrosyni and Melanie share their proven strategies on how to thrive during these turbulent times. 

 ✅ For the price of A COFFEE A DAY you'll get clear and actionable steps and guidance to achieve your goal.

Discover how how you can multiply your business in JUST A WEEK

It’s never too late for a business jumpstart ! You can kickstart at anytime and we are here to help you get off to a fast start or give you a quick reboot if you’ve been around a while.

Whether right now you are feeling like your business could be going better, or are feeling overwhelmed and you have no idea where to start we are there to take you through a simple step by step, lets do it together programme that will teach you how to increase sales.

In Network Marketing in order to achieve success there are several skills you need to master and more importantly you also need to develop the winning mindset. The challenge is many people don’t have the right MENTOR or support structure of even a system to help them develop the mindset and the skills and empower them to get the results.  

Many people get into this industry on a part time basis and often get overwhelmed with the perception of how much they feel they need to learn and as a result become a statistic of the industry, and end up quitting or “failing. 

This is why at Freedom Creators we developed this bulletproof system where over a period of 7 Modules we will guide you and mentor you to:

✅  Debug the myths in the network marketing industry

✅  Identify Limiting beliefs that may hinder your success 

✅  Create NEW empowering beliefs

✅  Develop the Winning Mindset 

✅  Learn the 6 Skills of Duplication 

✅  Create a Game plan for Success 

More importantly, be a part of a system that is designed to guide you along the way to help you create YOUR winning formula.  

In this challenge we will work and multiply together. 
We are going to hold your hand and be there for you every step. 

This type of 'immersive focus and action' is what we have taken into every new market we have launched or used when we are launching new teams.

It’s tried and tested methods that have given us the results and enabled us to build teams of hundreds of thousands of Reps in over 50 countries worldwide. 

It’s access to our very own action plan that lead to generating a billion dollar sales force

It’s back to basics and all out massive action together as a team.
Become part of the 7x community NOW!
You instantly get direct access to us via Video Trainings on each module and daily emails!

This is the chance you’ve been waiting for to be able to have a VIRTUAL MENTOR without having to prove yourself.

We are going to be your VIRTUAL MENTOR for the week, from the comfort of your own home.

Let's face it, you've read this far!

That means - you are ready to discover how to multiply your results of your network marketing business in just 7 days.

Join us now! 

The 7x challenge is a week-long challenge that is going to give your business a complete JUMP start.

The reason most people don’t get results is they lack consistency, an accountability partner or mentor and they don’t have the how to’s. 

If you feel that some of these reasons resonate with you, don’t worry! We’ve all had these frustrations and you are not alone.  

Freedom Creators are here to help you now ! 

Our names are 
Efrosyni Adamides and 
Melanie Aristidou 
and we are 
Freedom Creators
We have been in the Industry, helping both brand new network marketers and those who have been around a while, overcome these moments and thrive in their businesses for collectively almost 2 decades now!

We provide a range of courses that will take you from beginning in Network Marketing to earning 6 and 7 figures if followed meticulously. 

Additionally we provide one on one coaching time for different levels in the industry.

We’ve trained 100s of 1000s of network marketers like you, on 4 different continents, we’ve lived and built teams together in numerous countries. 

We’ve grown our business to well over 400,000 people and expanded our business into 45 countries, and also helped 32 reps earn their first million in Network Marketing! 

 We have also helped thousands people change the quality of their life fast, and helped them have a better life style.

The 7 Day Challenge to 7X Your Business is designed by us to craft your mindset, give you easy to follow daily action steps, give you a hands on mentor. 



This is a special One Time Only offer just for you to help you get your business on track!


Meet some of the amazing people who we have had the pleasure of getting to work with over the last years.

We can’t wait to work with you all Action Takers

Love and success to you,

Efrosyni & Melanie 
The Freedom Creators.

 Money-Back Guaranteed

 Money-Back Guaranteed

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see a change in your business, I'll gladly pay you back your money!

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